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What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!!

No. Don’t give up hope just yet. It’s the last thing to go. When you have lost hope, you have lost everything. And when you think all is lost, when all is dire and bleak, there is always hope.


Since the dawn of my time, always have been criticised for being fat, body shaming was synonym to every joke parents, relatives used on me. But finding ways to be reply back always ended in a failure.

Now, simple change in eating habits have made me stronger towards the resolve of being a positive/healthy person.


Seeing so many motivation and support system is something everyone craves.

It is high time when body shaming takes a step back and encouragement takes a first step. Rather been a critic is someone’s life, be a supporter and that person will never forget the push given to them.

This criticism and bullying reaches a point where someone start to question their existence and harbour the ideas of hurting themselves, or getting into bad company.

It was just an example of body shaming, now look deep into yourself and evaluate what criticism you are throwing towards your acquaintance,  colleagues or friends. It could be on their dreams, on their way of life. Just show the right path, do not discourage their thought process. Everyone is unique, do not try to mould them into something you could never be.

Be someone’s ray of hope than a dark moon.


Different changes

When you see life moving in one direction,  used to doing shit in one way and now it all changed!!

What will it become never a question, now even time to spare for oneself is hard to find. 

Living in this paradox that doing this right is the way well my way or highway. 

Getting shit done is important making it worth is important how you achieve it is important. 

Seems it was right to come here but still lot of unanswered questions . 

Many more to get answered for. Life is not be scared off it is something to be enjoyed for. It is what we aim for always but never realise. 

New Beginnings

When you work hard to achieve something it does comes your way but in what form is all upon the Higher Power. 
Never in my life I thought it could come true for a mennial life like me. Always strived to be out of my comfort zone well wish thus granted. 

As my journey has just took a turn, I May be able to become my own person and not depend on anyone for that matter. 

It was a change from a congested and hot air of Delhi to the green shock of South India. Maybe I could learn another language too!! 
All fingers crossed!! 🤞🏻🤞🏻

All about CT-1 : Financial mathematics


CT-1 Financial Mathematics

It is one of the nine Core technical subject, the main aim of studying CT-1 is to test your basic knowledge of mathematics and relate it, Ct-1 is simple but requires conceptual understanding of some real life concepts

Real life concepts as in different kind of Interest rates , inflation , annuity , term structure of interest rate and so on…..

download.jpgThere are two opportunities each year to sit this exam:



CT-1 Financial Mathematics is only one exam which is offered as a NON-MEMBER from Uk society

Tips and tricks to clear CT-1

downloadHere are some tips which helps you in clearing the paper :

• First 7 chapters are seems to be easy but are very important specially the Chapter name “ANNUITY” According to me the concept of  annuity is the…

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